Hi there, Clare Downham Queen of calm, Transformational Life Coach with the Calmcast, a time to feel calm, and think clearly and today, I’m going to share with you five things to know about your overwhelmed feeling.

That feeling isn’t coming from where you think.

The first thing to know about the feeling of overwhelm, is that it probably isn’t coming from where you think it’s coming from. You might think it’s coming from your very full inbox or the number of things you have to do. Have you noticed that other people don’t feel the same way about things as you? That they might not have an overwhelmed feeling like you do. Even though they’ve got 5000 emails in their inbox and you have that overwhelmed feeling when you just have 50. It’s worth just noticing that in your life. Where you’re feeling overwhelmed, and other people in the same situation don’t seem to be feeling the same way. Just be curious about why this might be.

The overwhelmed feeling is variable.

The second thing is that you may have noticed is that your overwhelmed feeling is variable. Sometimes, when you have 100 emails in your inbox, you feel overwhelmed and other times you don’t. When you’re not thinking about the 100 emails in your inbox, you don’t feel the overwhelmed feeling anymore but the emails are still there. Isn’t that interesting? There’s a variable here, there’s something that’s changing within you, nothing to do with the outside world.

It’s an inside job.

The third thing to know that however you are feeling that overwhelm feeling in your body is coming from you. That it is an inside job. Your varying feelings are created by hormones which are released inside your body. Now, it’s worth thinking about that for a moment. How can your very full inbox, put that overwhelm feeling into your body? It just doesn’t quite make sense, does it? Again, just have a think about this. And see if you can notice that playing out in your life.

The overwhelmed feeling can change easily.

The fourth thing to know is that over time, as I’ve already mentioned a little bit, your feelings change. I had something happened to me recently, that felt really overwhelming. We had bought a new vehicle, a motorhome actually. And it went into the garage and the lists kept coming back of the things that needed doing to make it okay. And on Monday, I felt quite overwhelmed by all. Goodness gracious where are we going to find all the money and get it sorted in time. Then by Tuesday, I didn’t quite feel the same and I had the sense that it was going to be okay. Nothing about the motorhome in the garage had changed but my feelings had changed. I hadn’t needed to do anything about that. It just passed all on its own.

You always have access to calm.

The last thing is to know is that the feeling of calm that you’re really seeking is always available to you. When you want to step away from that overwhelm feeling calm is always there no matter how you feel. At any moment, the feeling of calm And you’ve probably noticed that, noticed how you fluctuate, how you vary moment by moment. It’s worth just looking at that and seeing how it plays out.

I hope you’ve found those bits of information about what to know about your overwhelm feeling really helpful because I’ve certainly loved sharing it with you.

I’m quiet down the queen of calm a Transformational Life Coach and this has been the Calmcast; a time to feel calm and think clearly.

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