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5 Simple Truths to Take You Closer to Calm

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Hello My Busy Friend

I am Clare Downham, The Queen of Calm and I have been exactly where you are now …

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There are 3 parts to my journey you might be familiar with:

Part 1 – Burnout

Having pushed myself hard for pretty much my whole life, I reached a point when I was so stressed out that I was struggling to cope. I was angry with my loved ones, not sleeping and struggling to cope with continual feelings of overwhelm. Then the volcano finally erupted and I walked out of work, utterly burnt out, and never went back.

Part 2 – The Self-Development Hamster Wheel

In the period after burnout, I decided that there was something wrong with me. I started on a path of self-development, reading endless books, doing daily rituals and poking around in the past to try to find the answer. I was spending about 10 hours per week on this quest but still didn’t feel okay. It was like being trapped on a self-development hamster wheel.

Part 3 – Calm, Clarity and Contentment

Totally by accident, I got the opportunity to be coached by someone who guided me to see some simple truths about how we work as humans. As a result of learning the understanding he shared called The 3 Principles, I experienced a huge transformation and found myself in a place of calm, clarity and contentment most of the time. 

Where ever you are on this journey, I can help you!

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The 5 Simple Truths to Take You Closer to Calm