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The Letter to The Negative Inner Voice is my gift to you. Something to help you relate to that voice in your head differently. The first step on your journey to reveal your true potential.

I truly believe that there is magic inside all of us, just waiting for us to get out of the way long enough to create the life of our dreams. That is why I wrote this letter.

Download the letter now to start eleminating imposter syndrome, silencing your inner critic and easing anxiety.

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A Complimentary Calm, Clarity Conversation; an hour of life coaching where you will be listened to deeply, get help with your most pressing issue and gain more calm and clarity.

“Thank you so much for our conversation yesterday, it really was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was looking forward to speaking with you and was so grateful to experience the much needed stillness in my head, a space of quietness (which I haven’t experienced in goodness knows how long!). I was seeking an answer or a nudge about what direction in which to go and in this stillness, I felt a connection within myself of an inner knowing and sensing that what is needed. Thank you for listening and hearing my words on a deeper level to what I was trying to express. You gracefully signposted me back to myself, helping me to see what was there to see. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a conversation in this way, it was refreshing to say the very least. I came off the call and felt much lighter, clearer headed and less up in my head. Thank you” – CC

Hello My Busy Friend

I am Clare Downham, The Queen of Calm and I have been exactly where you are now …

clare downham

There are 3 parts to my journey you might be familiar with:

Part 1 – Burnout

Having pushed myself hard for pretty much my whole life, I reached a point when I was so stressed out that I was struggling to cope. I was angry with my loved ones, not sleeping and struggling to cope with continual feelings of overwhelm. Then the volcano finally erupted and I walked out of work, utterly burnt out, and never went back.

Part 2 – The Self-Development Hamster Wheel

In the period after burnout, I decided that there was something wrong with me. I started on a path of self-development, reading endless books, doing daily rituals and poking around in the past to try to find the answer. I was spending about 10 hours per week on this quest but still didn’t feel okay. It was like being trapped on a self-development hamster wheel.

Part 3 – Calm, Clarity and Contentment

Totally by accident, I got the opportunity to be coached by someone who guided me to see some simple truths about how we work as humans. As a result of learning the understanding he shared called The 3 Principles, I experienced a huge transformation and found myself in a place of calm, clarity and contentment most of the time.

Where ever you are on this journey, I can help you!

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Contains my content plus videos from my fellow 3 Principles Practitioners and Sydney Banks the originator of the understanding.

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I am passionate about sharing what I have seen about the transformational nature of understanding human suffering. Helping people to reach their true potential and create a life powered by calm.

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