The Stressed-Out to Peaceful 12 week Change Program


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
Do you feel frustrated that you have you tried and failed to manage stress again and again?
Are your circumstances taking you on an emotional roller coaster?
Do you feel overwhelmed and struggle to ever feel on top of things?
Are you lacking the energy and motivation you used to have?
Are you so stressed that you don’t know where to start?
Are you fearful, anxious and/or feel close to burning out?
Do you wonder if inner peace will ever be part of your life?

What will happen in a complimentary discovery call with me?

Your 60-minute complimentary deep dive discovery session with me will help you to begin the journey to bridge the gap between feeling stressed-out and attaining inner peace. I will help you to begin unveiling the blocks which have stopped you accessing inner peace in the past and give you the opportunity to see how you might move forward towards that way of feeling you have always wanted.

So, what is transformational coaching?

Coaching is a way to get more out of yourself than you can on your own. It is a powerful conversation during which thought provoking questions are asked and direction provided to guide you towards your own answers to the issues you bring to the session. This helps you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be physically and emotionally. 

Transformational coaching is different to many other forms of coaching because it guides you towards a distinct way of looking at the world. Many coaches work to change your behaviour or beliefs, but transformational coaching is different. Transformational coaching guides you to connect with your own innate wisdom and well-being under the premise that you are not broken. It also gives you an understanding of how your mind and the world works which will help you discover sustainable inner peace.

How I can help you?

You may be wondering why I am the person to help you. Like you, I was once a super stressed-out , overwhelmed professional.  I also believed that my outside circumstances were creating everything that felt. This meant a whole raft of thinking which did not help my stress levels one bit. The combination of all these factors meant that I eventually burnt out whilst I was a Headteacher. Recovering from burnout was not easy which is why it would be better if I helped you to never go there.

It took me more than 18 months to be well enough to start again but during and after my recovery, I immersed myself in self-development. I read,  attended course, listened to podcasts and looked deeply into what I needed to do to feel well again. I accessed therapy for myself and also trained in hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP. I helped myself and many, many other people. I also adopted a number of habits like meditation and gratitude which moved me further on my path of healing.

More recently I have studied a powerful understanding of how the mind works which has guided me to a level of inner peace I never thought possible. I now have a whole range of skills and knowledge about how to attain inner peace and I know that I can coach you to access it within you too.

How coaching works

When I work with my clients, it is via a 121-coaching conversation on a zoom video call. Zoom is a clever piece of free software which is easy to use and works a bit like Skype providing us with a platform to have a face-to-face conversation from anywhere in the world. That means that we can have our powerful coaching conversation without the need to waste time travelling. It even means you can be coached whilst you are on holiday if you like.

During the coaching session we will have a powerful conversation which will help you to begin looking at the world in a different way, let go of old thinking, access your own innate wisdom and connect with the real you. In this way, week on week, you will make progress towards inner peace and innate wellbeing.


What makes me a unique coach?

As a former Headteacher, I spent many years in school leadership helping people to develop in their roles. I was heavily involved in performance management and even before formal training as a coach, I loved helping people grow and change. This makes me ideally placed as someone who can guide you on your unique journey to inner peace and innate wellbeing.


As well as being a qualified and accredited coach, I am also a fully qualified hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. This gives me a phenomenal combination of tools to guide you on your unique journey to inner peace and innate wellbeing. My other formal qualifications include a BA(hons) in psychology, philosophy, sociology and literature, a PGCE and an NPQH (headteacher qualification). I am also qualified to Reiki level 2. I have also spent a lot of time studying the psychology, philosophy, spirituality and the way the mind works


This collection of qualifications and experience means that I am ideally placed to guide you on a unique journey to inner peace and innate wellbeing.

‘The results of working with Clare have been incredibly positive, and the take-away tools she taught me make a huge difference daily.’ – LB

What about the time and money this will take?

You are probably wondering how you will find the money to pay for something so transformational. You have no doubt spent lots of money in the past on diets, gym membership and other ways to try to improve your lifestyle. And you are probably realising now that it all went to waste.

What would it be like if you never had to go through that again?

What would it be like If you could establish that healthy lifestyle once and for all with no looking back?

As well as being effective in helping you make these changes, my coaching program is extremely affordable, and I even offer payment plans to help.

You may also be wondering how you are going to fit this into your already busy life. In response to this I would say, can you afford not to? When I burnt-out, I was unable to work for more than a year and I struggled to care for the people I loved. Coaching lasts between 1 and 2 hours per week which feels like a small amount of time to spend when you consider the alternative. The question really is, can you afford not to make some changes in your lifestyle so you can relieve the frustration you have felt for years and finally reveal your sparkle?

‘Seeing Clare has changed my life! … she is effective in understanding the root of your issues and provides you with the tools to overcome them.’ – JM

The money back guarantee

I am so convinced that you will benefit from my coaching program that I offer a no quibble money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied or we discover that we are not the right fit for each other within 30 days of starting the program you can have 100% of your money back.

What results can you expect?

After journeying through a coaching program with me you will:

Wake up every day feeling full of life and calm.

Finally notice a reduction in how stressed you are feeling.

Be able to weather the storm of changes in your circumstances easily.

Let go of overwhelm and feel on top of your life.

Have more energy and motivation to do the things you want to do.

Feel connected to your inner wisdom so you know what to do each day.

Release fear and anxiety and move away from the brink of burnout.

And finally feel inner peace and innate wellbeing every day.

‘Clare carefully unravelled my issues … and the results are very evident to me, my partner and my business.’ – DE

Do those result sound amazing?

The good news is that you can experience all of the above during one of my complimentary discovery calls.
Yes! That means it is completely free and gratis!

If you have read this far and you are considering if it is time to create life-changing habits to reveal your sparkle, then it probably is.

The only other question is if coaching is right for you?
The best way to find out – book that discovery call now!

Let’s have that conversation during which I will help you to begin unveiling the blocks which have stopped you having inner peace and innate wellbeing in the past and give you the opportunity to see how you might move forward towards that inner peace you have always wanted. We can also find which of my tools I could use to help you and whether we are the right match to work together.

You literally have nothing to lose and so much to gain. And regardless of the outcome of our chat, I am really looking forward to meeting you and finding out more about you. I am passionate about helping people make their journey to inner peace and would love you to join the many people I have helped to far.

Take action now – book your discovery call by clicking on the link!