Carving time out for mental wellbeing activities can create more stress than it alleviates

I see this in my clients all the time.

They have been guided towards doing mental wellbeing activities in order to have better feelings.

This guidance has an impact.

Not always a good one.

You see, it increases the number of things they think they should be doing.

Already they are busy.
Already they are stressed.
Already their heads are full.

And now, there are these wellbeing activities that they are ‘supposed’ to do.

There is time to be carved out in an already jam packed schedule.

The result is often guilt.

The idea that they are letting themselves down.

The sense that they are a failure.

Thus more worry and more stress.

My way is different. It’s simpler.

Once you know that mental wellbeing is inside you, there is a whole lot less to do.

I know this way of looking at things in transformational because I have been there.

I lost track of how many hours I spend looking for calm in mental wellbeing activities.

Engaged in endless therapy.
Doing daily Miracle Mornings.
Reading endless self-development books.

I kind of felt okay but I was hanging onto that okayness with my finger nail ends.

I really thought that if I stopped, I would crumple and end up as a gibbering reck on the floor.

And goodness did it take a lot of time.

At least an hour every day and more on the days I had ‘therapy’ booked in.

I can honestly say that I do not carve out any time for mental wellbeing activities now.

I only do a couple of things now:

1. I listen to content in podcasts and audiobooks which I have on in the background whilst am getting ready or making a meal.

Content like my podcast, The Calm Cast which you can listen to live at 7.45am Mon-Thurs or catch up on here.

2. Have coaching conversations on my own or in a group just like you can have with me.

That’s it and I have never felt better than I do right now.

Wellbeing without the work.
No more seeking.
No more carving out time.

I have got so much of me back and not lost a whole chunk of time doing it.

❓️How much time are you spending on mental wellbeing activities❓️

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Do you need to Carve out Time for Mental Wellbeing Activities?

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast