12-weeks to freedom from OVERTHINKING & OVERWHELM

This coaching journey is for you is you are ready to:

make decisions easily
enjoy inner peace
ready for the next step

This really is a fresh, new approach with amazing results:

You may have tried many tools & techniques to help with overthinking & overwhelm, but here’s how my approach is different: 

✔️ There are no tools! No techniques! Nothing to remember! 

✔️ There’s no digging around in your past 

✔️ You’ll take things off your mind, rather than putting more in it 

✔️ You’ll see yourself as whole, well and never broken

✔️ You’ll learn a simple concept that works 100% of the time

✔️ You’ll feel calm, think clearly, no matter what life throws at you

5 star review

How it works!

In this 12-week one-to-one program, with me as your coach you will:


  • Get 121 coaching with me on zoom where you have a chance to raise your burning issues and be gently guided to FEEL CALM & THINK CLEARLY.
  • Gain FREE access to THE CALM & CLEAR CLUB, my jam-packed membership space, for the duration of the package (read more about that here)
  • Be able to ask me anything weekdays from 9-5 and get an answer in 24 hours.
  • Easily be able to find a package to suit you from the  options below.
I have limited availability for one-to-one programs so please book your place now!
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calm and clear coaching
calm and clear coaching level 2
calm and clear coaching level 3

I am really looking forward to our time together.