Discover the Transformational Coaching That has Helped 100s of Super Busy Biz Owners, Experts and Go Getters to STOP Feeling like They Ping from “JUST OKAY” to “CRASH AND BURN” Every Day and Actually Feel Like they CAN Manage Everything on Their Plate.

I am Clare Downham – Queen of Calm and I’ve been where you are now!

From a young age I pushed myself hard, trying to please others and prove I was good enough. 

But that was not a recipe for happiness. It was a recipe for stress and never feeling good enough, which came to a head when I walked out of my job, totally burnt out. 

It took me a a long time to get my life back on track – but I finally discovered something that meant I would never have to “fix” myself again.

You can start to access this during our hour together!

5 star review for coaching

You are a high-flying human with a lot on your plate.

Now you are searching for an easier way to manage everything you have to do every day.

You want to feel calm & think clearly no matter what life brings

you've tried lots of tools and techniques
You've tried all sorts of therapy
you've tried books podcast and courses

You want to be at your best sustainably so you can get the best out of life without being overwhelmed and feeling like you ping from “okay” to “crash a burn” every day.

How it works!

photo of clare downham queen of calm

With the Complimentary Calm & Clear Hour you will:


  • Get a whole hour of my undivided attention as I gently coach you one-to-one on zoom.
  • Be helped to let go of the issues that are taking you towards overwhelm and stress.
  • Be helped to see your overwhelm catalysts and begin to let them go.
  • Be gently guided to feel calm and think clearly more of the time.
  • Have the chance to ask questions and find out more about working with me BUT only if you want to.

I have limited availability for Complimentary CALM & CLEAR HOURS so please book your place now!

Do you have something on your mind right now!

Would you like to feel calmer and get some clarity?

Why not join me for no obligation,  complimentary, Calm & Clear Hour.

You can experience for yourself how different you will feel in just 60 minutes

During the Calm & Clear Hour you will:

✔️ Be listened to deeply without judgement

✔️ Experience amazing transformation in a powerful coaching conversation

✔️ Take things off your mind, rather than putting more in it

✔️  Start to see your self as whole, well and never broken

✔️ Finally, leave your past behind and step towards a calm future

✔️ Learn a simple concept that works 100% of the time

✔️ Start to experience what it is like to feel calm, think clearly

5 star review for coaching
I am really looking forward to meeting you.