How to Create Life-Changing Habits so You Can Reveal Your Sparkle. 

I wrote this ebook because I wanted to help other women create life-changing habits so they can reveal their sparkle.

In it, I share with you the 3 key areas that I know will transform your life! And I know this because they are what helped me transform mine.

Health, balance and self-care!

What’s in this ebook?

  • Start with your long-term why
  • Change your habitual thinking about your health
  • Beware of restraint bias
  • Realise that the self-care habit is not selfish
  • Create a mindset of self-love
  • Avoid the ‘vacation can wait’ mindset
  • Adjust your attention to focus on the positive
  • Get into the habit of monitoring your inner critic
  • Help your mind to let things go