How full is your cup?

Is it overflowing?

Do you have enough to share?

I am not talking about tea or coffee here!

I am talking about your energy, your vitality, your sparkle!

And I ask this question because so many of us are running on
empty. We give so much to others that our cup runs dry and we end up with
nothing for ourselves.

No energy!

No vitality!

And certainly no sparkle!

We end up with no time to do anything for ourselves; no time
to replenish our cup!

And I can relate!..

In the run up to the burnout I suffered in March 2015, my cup was certainly running dry. Self-care barely existed and I was burning the candle at both ends and even in the middle (is that even possible?)

I thought I could just keep giving from an empty cup and
everything would be fine.


Perhaps it’s worth pausing for a moment right now to think about your cup! How full is it?

As a midlife woman you may have lots of things which you
have to manage; children, elderly relatives, partner, work, teenagers, home,
grandchildren etc etc.

But you cannot just keep giving from your cup without it
eventually running dry.

By regularly replenishing your cup, it will overflow into
the saucer which then means you have plenty to share with everyone else!

Take a moment now, please to stop scrolling and think how
full your cup is.

If it is looking empty, what can you do to begin refilling

What makes you feel good?

What one thing could you do in the next 24 hours to refill
your cup?

(If you feel your cup is really empty and you are not sure how to fill it, please book a discovery call now)