Midlife hangovers do not have to last several days but our beliefs really do create our reality with this and every other aspect of life.

Realising this means that I could have a fab night out on Tuesday and feel perfectly fine on Wednesday morning.

I was at a Christmas networking event on Tuesday night and somehow my wine glass kept getting filled and I lost track of how much I consumed.

I am not a regular drinker to be honest so I imagine the potential for a hangover was pretty high.

I am also 51 and am aware of the story that midlife hangovers last for days.

But on Wednesday morning I felt fine.

Recently I have become increasingly aware of how the beliefs we have about something create our reality.

I used to believe that midlife hangovers lasted for days, so they did.

Now I am present and see what unfolds (no story) and there is less of a hangover issue.

This is not about thinking ourselves out of a hangover!

I am not recommending anti-hangover affirmations.

What I am pointing to is the way in which your reality is created.

Once you believe something to be true, your clever system makes sure that is what you see in the world.

It deletes what does not fit from your awareness and enhances what does fit.

Thus you get the reality you believe is true.

I have no idea what is happening in my physiology but I know that as my understanding of how life works deepens, I have less and less experiences of symptoms.

Thus no long term midlife hangovers.

Useful as we swing into the festive season, don’t you think.

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How Our Beliefs Create Our Reality

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast