Hard times are part of life but you are always a resilient person.

As Sydney banks says, “Life is a contact sport.”

I am not a big fan of hanging around in the past but last night during the Monday’s Magic call with Stephanie Benedetto and Tom Mattox we were encouraged to reflect on the hard times we had got through.

We considered how we had got through them.

For me something really simple came up as I thought about the burnout I experienced in 2015 which left me unable to work for a year.

I got through it because I was alive.

Yes there were days when even feeding myself was hard.
Yes there were days when I couldn’t get out of bed.
Yes there were days when even the smallest tasks felt overwhelming.

But each day, I woke up.

Each day I lived.

That energy of life was always running through me.

I would call that resilience.

Like a rope round our middle pulling us forward.

It might not pull as fast as we might like.

It might not seem like we are moving forward at all.

It might even seem like some of the feelings we are experiencing don’t fit with the idea of resilience.

But it is there, always, running through us. Moving us.

It is the aliveness that runs through all of us; the energy of life.

If you are going through something tough right now, it might seem that force has left you.

But I want you to know that it can’t leave you.

It is the essence of who you are.

Only your conditioned thinking tells you otherwise.

Realising the presence of this aliveness gives you hope.

It can help if you just start looking for the signs it is there even if those signs are small to start with.

It can also help if you take a moment to reflect on what you have got through before.

I am seeing more and more that this is what I do.

I help you to see how amazing you are.
I help you to see what you can’t see.
I help you to connect to your inner resilience.

I truly believe that no-one is broken and that we all have everything we need already inside us.

Imagine a life where you can see that you are a resilient person too!

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How to Know You are a Resilient Person

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast