“I keep waking up in a low mood” said the man as he sat in front of me, “What’s wrong with me?”

He then proceeded to tell me about all the things he was doing to try to manage his low mood.

He was avoiding certain situations.
Trying tools and techniques.
But most of all beating himself up.

I could see that he really thought there was something wrong with him.

I let him talk for a while and tell me his story.

He looked pretty worn out by the end of the tale.

There was only one thing which made sense to say!

I remember my words so clearly, “Why do you think your not supposed to have low moods?”

“You are human. You are supposed to go up and down.”, I said.

A look of shock spread across his face.

He spoke about what he had read.

Books about positive thinking and managing moods.

It seemed that he had absorbed a little toxic positivity.

He really had got the idea that low moods were not okay.

A sign that there was something wrong with him and definitely something he needed to resolve.

We chatted a little while longer.

Over that period he settled down further.

I could see the calm wash over his face.

I guess the main thing was relief.

I remember at the end of our time together he said, “Everyone should know this. Why are they not teaching us this in school.”

He was blown away by the simple truth I had shared.

He was so blown away that he left me a lovely review on Google.

I would love you to see what he saw that day!

clare downham - testimonial

Human beings are supposed to fluctuate.
Our moods go up and down.
That’s normal and natural.

It’s how we are designed.

Having some awareness when we are in a low mood is helpful because it allows us to know that our state of mind is not at it’s most helpful. The low mood is just a warning from our clever system.

You can use your low moods as information about your state of mind but you are best off not taking advice from the thinking which comes with them. This often includes the thinking which is telling you to act in the world.

Once you know this, you can navigate life with more ease but you don’t have to be continually trying to fix your mood. You just need to know what it means about your thinking.

You are human. Don’t try not to be!

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How to Manage a Low Mood

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast