Saving money on water heating can help you learn how to stop getting wound up!

Bear with me – there’s a helpful metaphor here!

Recently Bruce and I became aware that our boiler was making our water too hot.

This meant that we needed to add a lot of cold water to make the shower a suitable temperature.

Since we had this realisation we’ve turned down the boiler.

Now the water in the shower at just the right temperature straight from the boiler.

Win-win as we are saving money and the whole thing is a lot less fiddly.

This made me think about how we we work as human beings.

How we get wound up, frustrated or angry and then spend time with tools and techniques trying to calm ourselves down.

What if we didn’t get wound up in the first place?

What if we knew how to stop getting wound up?

This might seem easier said than done of course.

It does get significantly easier when you realise that your emotional state is coming from thought in the moment.

Please understand that I’m not talking about policing your thoughts or trying to change them.

I gave that up long ago.

However, once you have an awareness that thought is creating your suffering it makes less and less sense to follow certain trains of thought

I’m very capable of ranting but these days I notice really quickly that I’m ranting.

I used to just notice because the ranting comes with an uncomfortable feeling.

But now I even notice before because I now know in my heart that certain trains of thought are not going to feel nice.

The decision to climb off a train of thought before it heads off the rails and over the cliff comes from knowing that all feelings come from thought and nowhere else.

And because the knowing leads the way, there is no need for any tools and techniques to cool off.

When you realise something you are doing is causing suffering there is a general human inclination to stop.

It really is like turning down the thermostat because you realise the water is too hot rather than taking action to cool it down once it is already out in the pipes.

Teaching this understanding so you reach the point where you see this in the moment more often than not is what I do.

It’s a beautiful combination of teaching, listening and coaching.

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How to Stop Getting Wound Up

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast