Imposter syndrome at work is really common.

Perhaps you have noticed that yourself.

We’ve all got that little voice in our heads.

It says all sorts of things.

You are doing it wrong.
You are not doing enough.
They are going to find out you’re stupid!

It stops us from doing things like asking for what we want or putting ourselves out there.

Imposter syndrome at work really can get in the way.

I remember that voice being around when I was a Headteacher.

It twittered away. All day. Every day.

Questioning every single thing I did.

I used to wonder if all the other Headteachers in Leeds were doing the same as me.

I was filled with self-doubt.

Questioning all the time.

I was wondering if any minute someone was going to come through the door and tell me I was doing it all wrong.

I took that voice into the world of self- employment with me.

When I started my first business, I was filled with all sorts of questions about my capabilities.

Could I really do this?

It impacted upon how I put myself out in the world of social media.

I couldn’t do a video. I’d look ridiculous.

I held back on sharing what I believed.

For a while, I tried to fight against the voice. Like you, I tried a lot of different things.

Affirmation, journaling, meditation, and other mindset work.

But that voice kept turning up; like the toddler who gets too much attention for demanding chocolate in the supermarket.

That all changed when I stopped taking that voice so seriously.

That’s really it.

No affirmations or thought policing.

I just learnt that Niggly Nell was the voice of the past who had nothing to do with my capabilities at all.

Can you imagine that for a moment?

Imagine a world where that voice shows up and you don’t give two hoots!

A really simple solution to imposter syndrome.

So much less complicated than what you might have tried so far.

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Imposter Syndrome at Work

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast