Easily launch your impact and income generating Insight Timer profile and create the freedom you desire from a place that is NOT social media.

“I was drowing in social media, turning up every day and doing all the things the gurus told me to do. Now I see my passive income growing every day and I am connecting with a beautiful group of soul aligned clients”

Next cohort starts on 21st May

Stop the Social Media Grind & Discover a More Aligned Path

Create a business that is powered by calm and reveal your true potential to the world.

Tired of endlessly scrolling and hustling for followers on social media? Feeling frustrated that your passion isn’t reaching the right people? You’re not alone!

But what if there was a platform where millions of your ideal clients are already searching for your wisdom and guidance? Welcome to Insight Timer, the wellbeing APP with over 25 million users.

The Insight Timer Incubator is your fast track to building a thriving practice on this powerful platform.

Insight Timer is one of the biggest untapped sources of revenue for coaches, healers, and spiritual teachers. In fact, it is so untapped that despite there being 25 million people on the APP, not many people in our field have heard of it.

Your ideal clients are on Insight Timer. They are there searching for subjects like sleep, anxiety, stress, acceptance, relationships and spirituality. If it has something to do with wellbeing, it’s very likely to be on there. Plus, Insight Timer has the potential to bring a continuous source of passive income into your business over the next few months.

So, Insight Timer is full of our ideal clients but here’s the problem! There is something stopping coaches and healers like you from moving ahead. They don’t know how to set up on the APP and because they have no accountability structure it falls off their to-do list!

The Insight Timer Incubator is here to put a stop to that!

If you’re reading this, you are ready to find out how to share your gifts on Insight Timer and begin the journey away from having to turn up on social media every day then read on!

Just wanted to say thank you for creating this course. I had not even thought of becoming a teacher on Insight Timer until your webinar. I learned a lot from that but oh my goodness diving into the training you created has been fabulous. It’s wonderful to learn from someone who has already successfully trodden the path and I’m chuffed I’ve now got my first two tracks live. Thanks again for your knowledge, patience and guidance. – JG

Are you ready to STOP

Having to turn up and spend hours on social media every day.

Endlessly giving away your content for free and wondering if anyone cares anyway.

Feeling like you are making no progress despite working very hard.

Being frustrated because you want to share your gifts, and no-one seems to be listening.

Then THE INSIGHT TIMER INCUBATOR is just what you need!

During our time together you will be supported to develop:


I was interested in becoming a teacher on Insight Timer since it seemed a perfect match for my area of expertise. I even took a mini course to get me going…but ended up getting stuck. When I heard about Clare’s Incubator programme, I thought I didn’t need to join since I had already taken a course! But when I joined her pre-programme webinar, I realized it was exactly what I needed.

In just a few weeks since we started, I’ve been approved as a teacher with tracks in place and more in the pipeline. I’m set to do LIVES and I’ll get my first course up soon. Clare is a wonderful teacher with an in-depth knowledge of the Insight Timer platform. She makes learning and putting her lessons into action easy!

Clare has also attracted a lovely group to the Incubator and this is magic! Not only are the trainings even more fun, but we are there for each other, cheering each other along. Getting up and running on a new platform can feel daunting, but Clare has put all the parts in place to make this journey smooth and even exciting. – TE

Your 10-Week Journey to Insight Timer Mastery

PHASE 2<br />
Design & Launch Your First Course<br />
(Discover passive income potential with Insight Timer courses)

If you are ready to join The Insight Timer Incubator, you:

  • understand that you’re getting help in creating your Insight Timer profile, recording and uploading your first two tracks, developing and sharing your first course, going live with ease and growing your long-term strategy.
  • are excited to meet every Tuesday at 3.30pm UK time from 21st May 2024 and get support, as well as the help of others, in a private Telegram Group.
  • also understand that you will get help to take action through accountability from me, your coach and the rest of the group.



A 10-week program with weekly calls

We meet every week so that you can make progress and see results quickly.

Co-Creation Workshops

Get all the knowledge you need to set up and monetise your Insight Timer Profile and the time to do the work during the sessions.

Accountability calls

All non-workshop weeks are a space to help you get unstuck, answer your questions, and be held accountable so you take the action you want!

A 1-hour deep dive call with me

Whether you have a technical hitch, an inner block or want some help with ideas, you get a one-hour call with me which you can use at any time in the program.


Access to useful templates and workbooks to help you create everything with ease.


I was looking forward to learning more about IT as I woke up to the notion of having this POWERFUL PLATFORM put out my work in the world with a naturally occurring audience BAKED IN! But… excitement does not translate always into “delving in”, so while VERY intrigued, I was floundering in ignorance.

To say that Clare D. is “generous”; “down to earth”; “experienced” and a “good//great teacher and cheerleader”, while all TRUE, are a more understatement than accurate! I have taken a number of courses to help me make my work as a coach/educator thrive and Clare’s collaborative approach is refreshing. I feel well heard/seen and understood and treated as a fellow traveler on this road. She is a guide a few steps ahead and is happy to share the pathway she is on with you so you, too, don’t have to beat back the reeds to see the path… VERY generous with her learning/experience.

I am so happy with the progress. I have produced the inner workings IT requires to be a recognized teacher. And, as of today (!), I have all the tools I need to continue to make a go for A) sharing valuable information with the world and B ) moving away from social media to beg for eyeballs on my offerings. This is the BEST TRAINING I HAVE EVER INVESTED IN, HANDS DOWN(ham)!! – WW

photo of clare downham queen of calm

I am the right person to teach about how to make the most of Insight Timer because I have:

  • grown my following from 870 (April 2023) to 2640 (April 2024)
  • increased my monthly semi-passive income from Insight Timer from $20 (March 2023) to $1000+ (April 2024)
  • have average of 100+ attendees on every live (160 on biggest live)
  • made business more fun, connecting with clients in a soul aligned, supportive space
  • created more coaching conversation from insight timer than anywhere else in my business

And I am passionate about teaching you to do the same!


The aim of this program is to help you take action on what you learn so in each workshop, there will be time to actually take that action. Each workshop is carefully crafted to give you time to develop your ideas and take action! 

No more learning and then leaving it to gather dust!

Experience the Freedom & Rewards of Insight Timer

Build a fulfilling practice you love, filled with purpose