Appearing to be living a wonderful life and having a great career, Clare Downham progressed rapidly through the primary school leadership ranks to attain her first headship at the age of 39 and moved to her second headship just 4 years later. But the pressure of ‘doing too much’ both personally and professionally eventually took its toll causing a burnout, breakdown and subsequent year off work with severe clinical depression.

Clare uses her story and the description of what happened to her to help her audience evaluate how many of her list of ‘STRESS HABITS’ they have in their daily lives, helping them to ask questions of themselves that they may have avoided for some time.

Clare says, ‘We are living in a time when we have stopped treating ourselves humanely, expecting too much of ourselves and thinking we can carry on overloaded and stressed for long periods with no consequences.’

But Clare’s story does not end there. Uplifting the audience, Clare tells the story of how she finally decided to leave her 20-year career and how an amazing twist moved her to an exciting new vocation as a Hypnotherapist and Wellbeing Teacher. This gives audiences an inspirational insight into how something amazing can be born out of a dark period of life especially if you trust that it will.

During her year of healing, Clare began to realise that her thinking and relationship with her world had been a great contributor to her downfall. Working with the idea that the pain we experience is created not by what happens but how we relate to it, Clare began researching and reading about ways to change her thinking and increase her wellbeing and happiness. She has now come up with a set of habits which she believes has helped her to be the happiest and healthiest in her life. Clare shares her ‘STRESS TO SUCCESS HABITS’, helping the audience to see that even a few minutes a day using some simple techniques can really help you feel less stressed, more relaxed and be much more resilient.

When you hear Clare speak, you will have the opportunity to hear a great story, laugh, reflect and take away some great ideas to help you avoid breakdown and burnout and achieve greater health and happiness in just a few minutes a day.