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Hello My Beautiful Friend

I am Clare Downham, Soulful Success Mentor and I have been exactly where you are now …

clare downham

There are 3 parts to my journey you might be familiar with:

Part 1 – Burnout to Business

Having pushed myself hard for pretty much my whole life dictated,  to by my inner critic, I reached a point when I was so stressed out that I was struggling to cope. I was angry with my loved ones, not sleeping and struggling to manage the continual feelings of overwhelm. Then the volcano finally erupted and I walked out of my job as a Primary School Headteacher, utterly burnt out, and never went back. Once I resigned, I accidentally started a business (ask me about that story). If I thought my inner critic was loud when I was working, it had nothing on the noise it made once I was out in the world of self-employment.


Part 2 – Trying to Manage my Thoughts and Feelings

As an emerging entrepreneur, imposter syndrome, self-doubt and endless procrastination became my regular companions so I started on a path of self-development with the aim of controling my thoughts and feelings. I read endless books, did daily tools and techniques, and poked around in the past to try to find the solution. I was spending about 10 hours per week on this quest but still didn’t feel okay. It was like being trapped on a self-development hamster wheel with that inner critical voice continually telling me I was not good enough. And I was so busy trying to manage myself that I barely had time to create the life and business I actually desired.

Part 3 – Soulful Success

Totally by accident, I got the opportunity to be mentored by someone who guided me to see some simple truths about how we work as humans. As a result of learning this inside-out understanding I completely changed my relationship with the inner critic and the feelings it brought with it. Whilst on this journey, I experienced a huge transformation and found I was finally able to share from my heart and soul, no longer restricted by the critical voice that had held me back for so long. Procrastination dissolved, imposter syndrome melted away and the inner critic was no longer able to hold me back from creating the business and life I truly desired.

If you recognise any elements of this journey, then you are finally in the right place!