My ex-husband lives next door with ‘the woman’ who was pivotal in my marriage breakdown.


That is the truth.

As I am sat writing this post, their bedroom is about 2 metres away in the adjoining house.

Many people I speak to wonder how I stay calm in this circumstance.

Trust me that I didn’t for a long time.

I used to rant and rave about it.

You see it wasn’t in the plan! It was supposed to be temporary.

He moved there to rent a room when we first split up 9 years ago but then the man who owned the house moved and sold to my ex husband.

Very shortly after he moved her in!

I had a problem with it for a long time.

It span around my head and kept me awake at night.

But then I had an interaction with a very wise man.

He said to me, “Why do you continue to think about it?”

At first I flustered and pushed against what he was saying.

I thought I could relieve my suffering by ranting 😂

But then I really heard what he was pointing to.

I think that was my first inside out realisation.
I saw that it was not my strange living situation that was the problem.
I saw that it was my thinking about my strange living situation.

The more I ranted about it, the more I felt bad!


It was like I realised that I was creating my own suffering and it didn’t make sense to do that to myself any more.

Suddenly I was able to stay calm despite my circumstances.

What a relief.

If there is something in your life that you are ranting about and you would like to accept it, have a generally nicer experience of life and stay calm despite your circumstances, perhaps we should talk.

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Manage to Stay Calm Despite Your Circumstances

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast