Because everyone deserves calm, clarity and confidence without endless tools and techniques

This coaching journey is for you is you are ready to:

manage change with confidence
make decisions easily
enjoy inner peace
finally feel free
ready for the next step

This really is a fresh, new approach with amazing results:

You may have tried many tools & techniques to help with stress, anxiety & overwhelm, but here’s how my approach is different: 

✔️ There are no tools! No techniques! Nothing to remember! 

✔️ There’s no digging around in your past 

✔️ You’ll take things off your mind, rather than putting more in it 

✔️ You’ll see yourself as whole, well and never broken

✔️ You’ll learn a simple concept that works 100% of the time

✔️ You’ll feel calm, think clearly, no matter what life throws at you

5 star review

121 Coaching on a Pay-what-you-can basis!

clare downham queen of calm

Making Transformational Coaching Accessible


I have seen the power of transformational life coaching personally and in the lives of my clients and I don’t want anyone to miss out.

Pay-what-you-can coaching means I can help  more people than ever before and spread the calm, clarity and confidence which comes from this life changing work.

You can book easily on the link below and access a 121 coaching session on zoom.

You will have the chance to raise your burning issues and be gently guided to ACCESS CALM, CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE  without a tool or technique in site.

I have limited availability for pay-what-you-can coaching sessions so please book your place now!

I am really looking forward to our time together.