In this blog I will be sharing some truths about burnout you might not be aware of. 

First of all I want to ask you are you feeling poorly this week? 

There seems to be a lot of coughs and colds about doesn’t there?

We say, ‘there is something doing the rounds’.

And that’s okay. We all get poorly sometimes.

But watch out if you are brushing off yet another cold or bought of flu.
Watch out if you are trying to supress yet another cold sore.
Watch out if you are telling yourself a story that this is perfectly normal.

In the run up to burnout, I tried to tell myself being ill so regularly was normal.

I was the Headteacher of a primary school after all.

A place full of snot, sick and headlice of course!

But this was a lie!

I was becoming so stressed that my immune system was faltering!

It reached the point where every bug which entered the school entered me!

I didn’t realise that was not normal.

It was one of the many truths about burnout I missed. It takes a toll on your immune system.

But I get how easy it is to brush it off.

You are super successful after all.
You have it all and are doing it all.
You are strong and you feel like you can handle anything.

But please just stop for a moment and take stock.

Stop and listen to your body.

It might only be whispering but it has something to say to you.

It is saying you cannot go on like this.

The continual coughs and colds are a sign.

If you start to do things differently now, you can avoid a year off work with burnout like I had.

A year where I couldn’t work.
A year which ended my career in teaching.
A year which didn’t need to happen.

Please don’t wait. If you recognise yourself in this post, talking to me will help.

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Some Truths About Burnout

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast