Are you tired of feeling constrained by traditional notions of success and ready to embrace a more soulful approach to entrepreneurship?

Discover 7 empowering and transformative truths about success that will help you overcome limiting beliefs, silence your inner critic, and step boldly into your greatness as a female entrepreneur …

… all without needing to add lots of additional tools and techniques into your already busy schedule.

Join Clare Downham for a journey which will help you reveal your full potential and define success on your terms.

In this 60 minute workshop you will:

After this workshop, you’ll walk away feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to embrace your unique path to success with confidence and authenticity. Take the first step towards soulful success!

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Soulful Success Summary Included


Monday 8th April 2024

7pm – 8pm BST

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“True change and healthy movement comes about in working with Clare. There is a trust she has in her clients that allows the sessions to flow very organically and without any push or pull. I immediately felt safe with her to be a mess and knew she wouldn’t put me in a box because of it. Instead she see’s the wisdom I’ve embodied and the my innate strength and resourcefulness. This is true coaching, both fun and producing forward movement in the life while allowing our full humanity to hang out.” – KD – Female Entrepreneur 

“Over the past many months I have found Clare’s online (Insight Timer, and YouTube) musings so helpful and inspiring. After I posted a question on one of these sites she offered to meet online to discuss some issues I was encountering. Her questions regarding my frustrations and her reflections on my situation were tremendously helpful. She helped me change my perspective in very positive ways. I will certainly reach out to her again and I highly recommend her coaching.” – PR – Female Entrepreneur 

clare downham queen of calm

Clare is the dedicated mentor you need on your unique journey to unlock your innate potential & cultivate a thriving business aligned with your true purpose. As a certified ILM Success Mentor, she specialises in guiding emerging & established female entrepreneurs to embrace their innate mindfulness & harness it as a powerful tool for success.

With a deep understanding of the inside-out nature of our human experience, Clare expertly navigates the complexities of the entrepreneurial journey, helping women to silence the inner critic, dissolve self-doubt & cultivate a strong sense of intuition & self-trust.

Through her insightful teaching & guidance, Clare supports women to:

– Unleash their entrepreneurial potential & create a business they love.
– Overcome self-limiting beliefs, fear of failure, & imposter syndrome.
– Navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with clarity, resilience, & ease.
– Embrace their unique feminine strengths & intuition to drive success in their life & business.

Clare’s passion for empowering female entrepreneurs stems from her own transformative journey, where she discovered the profound impact of embracing innate mindfulness & intuition in her business endeavours. She believes that true success is not just about external achievements but also about cultivating inner alignment resilience, & authenticity.