Recently I was stuck in the detail of my new coaching programme.

I had been dancing around it for a few days.

I kept staring at the word document and waiting for something profound to happen. 🌟

I went for lots of walks hoping for an insight. 💡

I woke early on Sunday morning – surely that would spark off the creative juices 😂

Still nothing.

This morning I even contemplated doing a mediation to get myself in the ‘right space’.

But then I realised.

I just needed to get started.

So I opened the document and started to fiddle.

At first it was a bit clunky.

Putting a table in.
Moving words about.
Tidying up what I had already written.

But as I took action, something wonderful happened.

It started to flow.

Words and ideas came.

My juicy new program started to take shape.

What a difference!!

I used to think I had to feel a certain way to do things.
That I had to be in the right space.

But it turns out that the only thing ever stopping me is thought (which creates the feeling of course) and thought is no more solid than the clouds.

Just like clouds thoughts can look solid but I sure you know that you cannot climb out of the aeroplane window and lie on them.

Thought is the same; it’s not as solid as it first appears.

Your thoughts and feelings do not have to be a certain way for your to take action.

You might like to try that today and see what happens!

❓️What are you putting off because you think you need to feel a certain way❓️

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Taking Action

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast