Have you noticed that there’s a voice in your head? 🤔

By the way, there’s a voice in my head too.

In fact everyone has one.

(What a relief eh?)

It has lots to say about you. 🗨

🗨 What you can and can’t do.
🗨 What other people are thinking about you.
🗨 How worthy you are.

And especially that any minute now ‘they’ are going to realise that you haven’t got a clue what you are doing!

It goes on and on. 😬

Your inner narrating Niggly Nelly.

Some people might tell you, you can make her go away with force.

But she doesn’t really like that. 😡

It can make her dig her heals in.

You see, for a long time she looked like she was your best friend. 😍

She sounded like a trusted advisor.

To be fair she has always had your best interests are heart. ❤

She just didn’t get the memo that you are actually amazing and not still a 5 year old little girl trying to stay out of trouble.

In reality all you need to do is change your relationship with Niggly Nelly.

See that she can still be there wittering away but not have an impact.
See that she doesn’t know what you are capable of.
Realise that she will still have something to say but that got nothing to do with you.

You can pop her in the corner with a gin and tonic muttering away to herself.


Changing your relationship with that voice is so, so, so much easier than trying to get rid of it.

Turns out that when you ignore Niggly Nelly, she will gradually stop turning up.

❓️What does your Niggly Nelly say❓️

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