Stop the voice in your head, unlock the power within.

Finally Silence Your Inner Critic and Unleash Your True Potential!

This transformative course is for anyone who struggles with self-doubt, negative self-talk, or feeling held back by their inner voice.

Ditch the doubt, ignite the spark.

Trade resistance for peace.

Silence the shoulds, unleash the can-do’s.

Move from self-doubt to self-discovery

Rewrite your story with wisdom and grace.

If you need to break free from negative self-talk and live a more confident, fulfilling life, then “Transform Your Inner Voice” is for you!

This Transformative Experience is for You If:

  • You constantly hear a critical voice in your head, and you are ready to wave it goodbye.

  • You feel anxious and overwhelmed and you are ready for more inner peace and acceptance.

  • You feel stuck in negative patterns and unable to move forward and you want to unlock your true potential.

  • You’re ready to silence the critic, embrace your true self and live a life filled with peace and confidence.

P.S – This training is NOT for you if  you’re not willing to put in the effort to change, be open to new ideas and perspectives or are expecting a quick fix without any personal responsibility.

Dive into Your 4-Week Journey of Inner Transformation

Four weekly sessions, each lasting 60 minutes with recordings available.

Session 1: Recognising the Inner Voice

During this session you will develop increased awareness of the inner voice's presence and influence. You wil move towards reduced identification with thoughts and beliefs. You will gain greater capacity for curiosity and non-judgmental observation.

Session 2: Releasing Resistance

In this session you will begin to increase resistance to the inner voice and its messages. You will become more inclined towards increased acceptance of present moment experience, regardless of its nature and you will cultivate a sense of inner peace and tranquillity.

Session 3 - Understanding the Mind

In this session you will develop a deeper understanding of the mind's nature and its limitations which will help you to increase detachment from thoughts and beliefs. this will set you in good stead to awaken to the awareness that lies beyond the mind's chatter.

Session 4 - Embracing Your True Self

In this final session, you will gain a deeper connection with your true self beyond the inner voice's influence. This will lead directly to increased self-worth and confidence. Ultimately you will end the course with a new capacity to live a life guided by intuition and inner wisdom.

What’s Included

4 Weekly Sessions with Recordings

Of course we would love to have you on the sessions live but don't worry if you miss something. All the sessions will be recorded so you can catch up or listen again when you have time.

Additional Audios to Enhance Your Journey

Each week, you will receive audio recordings to help you deepen your understanding of what you are learning. These will be easy to access on soundcloud so you can listen to them just like a podcast.

Private Community on Telegram

Connect with your fellow particpants, share your wins and ask anything you want in our private off-social media community accessible easily through the Telegram APP.

Ready to silence your inner critic and awaken your true potential?



Clare Downham – aka The Queen of Calm

After years of being dictated to by that negative voice continually telling her she was not good enough, Clare, finally came to the point of burnout. One day, she walked out of her job as a Primary School Headteacher and never went back.

Once Clare realised the part that negative inner voice had played in her downfall, she began a journey of seeking. She tried every way possible to get that voice to shut up and the feelings it brought with it to stop. Clare tried endless tools, techniques and therapies but still that voice was there. Still she felt held back by it and unable to really create the life she desired.

Then by some heaven sent miracle, Clare came across a different way of understanding the workings of the mind. Gradually she began to develop a completely different relationship with that voice. Through seeing it differently. she began to be able to ignore it more and found herself taking action she had never previously thought possible. It was like the lid of her true self had been removed meaning Clare was able to live life from a place of being truly connected to who she really is.

This is what Clare sees is possible for every single human she meets; that they can let go of the shackles of their thinking and live life from a place of connection to their true and amazing potential. Clare knows this is possible for you too and encourages you to join her on a journey to see that for yourself.