Hey there Doctor Who! Stop and pause for a mo! I have something exciting to tell you about how to beat procrastination.

Yes! I do mean you!

You the time traveller!

Stop looking over your shoulder now.


Of course we both know you cannot time travel physically but I know you think you are a flipping superstar at it inside your head.

I am not normally so abrupt or rude but I have something to say!!


Sorry … not sorry!

The future is 100% an illusion but have you noticed how it can get in the way of you getting stuff done.

Recently I posted about the idea that a task in our business should NOT have the huge responsibility to ‘float our boats’. I other words, tasks are things to do not things to make us feel something. That realisation in itself is a great way how to beat procrastination.

On the post, I got some great comments back.

A few people said that tasks were never as bad as we build them up to be when we are putting them off.

Have you noticed how you can create quite a tall tale about the awfulness of a task to the point where it looks like that task is making you feel terrible.

Here’s the vital thing to know!

It’s the story in our heads about the task which makes it feel awful not the actual task itself.

The feeling is caused by your future thinking about the task!


So you might be wondering how this wonderful knowledge is vital in how to beat procrastination.

It helps raise your awareness and awareness of what is going on inside our system is vital for any change to occur.

More vital than all those tools and techniques you may have been sold in your search of how to beat procrastination.

Here’s how it goes …

As you contemplate a task, you become aware of an uncomfortable feeling.

Option 1 – you think the feeling is coming from the task = procrastination

Option 2 – you know the feeling is coming from thought in the moment = get the task done.

You have probably also noticed that. once we are doing a task we are actually thinking about it less so it just gets done.

Presence with the task itself gets it done.

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How to Beat Procrastination

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast