You don’t have to complete a gratitude journal to be grateful for whatever you have.

I used to do that every day.

Bruce and I did it together.

We would sit on the sofa reflecting on the day; searching for the things to record in our journals.

We even wrote a separate mutual appreciation gratitude journal where we wrote things we were grateful for about each other.

Our focus in this practice was feeling better of course.

That’s why we both did a whole host of daily practises which we don’t do any more.

We had heard the idea that to, ‘be grateful for whatever you have’ can make you feel better.

But the issue with this is that it was all focused on the past.

Trawling through our memories every day to find the things we were grateful for was taking us away from the present moment.

This really came to mind as Bruce and I walked a part of the Leeds Country Way yesterday.

As we walked, we were present.
As we walked, we noticed.
As we walked, we were naturally grateful.

They might seem like little things but when you are in the present moment, those little things really can fill you with joy and gratitude.

We were grateful for the walk itself which we have just discovered.
We were grateful for the sun coming through the early morning mist.
We were grateful for squirrels.
We were grateful for dew on spiders webs and the grass.
We were grateful for the first frost on nettles and cars.
We were grateful for friendly donkeys.
We were grateful for a funny, grumpy face in a tree.
We were grateful for each other and holding hands.

Gratitude is available to us in every moment no matter how small and as you drop into the present moment you will notice that it is easier than you think to be grateful whatever you have.

Gratitude really is our natural state when we are not caught up in the past or the future.

I am not saying ‘don’t do a gratitude journal’ if it really fills you with joy but what I am saying is that just because someone told you to do it, with the aim of helping you feeling better, doesn’t mean you have to.

In the present moment, when you have nothing else on your mind, just notice how grateful you naturally are.

There are some things at your essence and gratitude is one of them.

❓️What present moment gratitude were you aware of this weekend❓️

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Be Grateful for Whatever You Have

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast