I don’t want you to come out of our coaching sessions together amazed by me!

I want you to come out of them amazed by you!

That’s what I see as my role.

To reveal what you may not have seen.

It’s hard to see it on your own isn’t it?

After all, you have been swimming around in the thinking which says you are a bit s*** for a long time!

On top of that, your life is super busy.

You might not notice how much you are actually handling with ease.

Your brain naturally prefers to focus on what’s not okay about you.

It notices when you are not handling things.

It’s called confirmation bias.

Whatever you believe about the world is the way your brain narrows down what you can see.

This is especially true in terms of what you believe about yourself.

There are millions of bits of information coming your way every second.

You can only handle 50.

Your mind uses your belief system to select which bits you notice.

That’s just what happens.

Nothing wrong, just what is.

But once you know this is how it works, that gently begins to change.

So that’s what I help you to do.

I help you to see how amazing you are.

How underneath your old shady beliefs you are:

❤ Resilient
❤ Confident
❤ Wise

So if you don’t already know how amazing you are, maybe book an hour for us to talk (button at the top right hand side of the website)

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Confirmation Bias

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast