Does it feel like your life is shrouded in mist? Are you wondering how to have more clarity.

Does it feel like there is something in the way of you being who you want to be.

Something stopping you seeing clearly.

🤔 Maybe you keep behaving in a way you don’t like and you have tried really hard to change (over and over again).
🤔 Maybe you are caught up in perfectionism and it is slowing you down and stopping you putting yourself out into the world.
🤔 Maybe you just feeling meh (thank you teenagers for such a fab word) and you cannot see a way out.

Yesterday I had some clarity about this.

I experienced a real life metaphor.

As we drove towards the 3 Peaks on Sunday morning, it was thick with mist.

Sometimes we could not see more than a few metres in front of us.

Life can feel like that sometimes can’t it.

But deep within me, I felt this deep sense of trust.

I knew that the clarity would come; that the sun was there behind the mist.

As we approached Pen-y-ghent, our 3 Peak of choice, everything started to clear.

We didn’t have to do anything, but the clarity emerged.

Pure clue sky.
Endless clarity.
Stunning views.

And the metaphor is the thing I would love you to see today.

No matter is happening in your life.
No matter how you are feeling.
That clarity is always there within you.

You are the blue, cloudless sky.

Sometimes you have misty, cloudy thinking but who you really are (the sun and the blue sky) never goes away.

I would love you to see that clarity and calm are never more than a breath away.

❓️Do you know how to have more clarity❓️

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by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast