BEWARE OF BULL or how to know you have unhelpful thoughts!

I’ve seen this sign so many times on my walk, and it always makes me smile.

If you’re a member of the grammar police like me, you’ll spot that there is a word missing.

But actually, I love the sign, just as it is.

It’s a sign we should probably all consider a few times a day.

Because what it points to for me is to be aware of your own bull.

You know what I mean?

I mean, be (a)ware of your unhelpful thoughts.

You don’t have to be aware of all your thinking. Just some of it.

You might be wondering how you know which thinking to be aware of.

Well, it’s really simple.

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, angry, anxious, upset, or any other uncomfortable feeling, your are feeling the weight of your thinking.

You have unhelpful thoughts.

Your feelings are a dashboard.

They let you know whether or not your thinking it is useful.

It’s really helpful to have an amazing system which helps you navigate through life more easily; one that lets you know when you have unhelpful thoughts.

If you’ve got an uncomfortable feeling, be(a)ware of your thinking.

That’s what the uncomfortable feeling is telling you.

When you know this in the moment, you tend not to act.

You tend not to speak and say something rude.
You tend not to do something that might not be good for you or someone else.
You tend not to make decisions.

Because you know that right in that moment you have unhelpful thoughts (bull).

This is all you really need to know because once you spot it in the moment you can give yourself a moment, pause and allow your clever system to sort it all out.

When you navigate life from this understanding, you are never more that a breath away from calm, clarity and contentment no matter how much bull passes through your head.

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Unhelpful Thoughts

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast