It took me a long time to find how to stop stressing the easy.

3 years ago yesterday I took the first steps on a journey which would change my life beyond recognition.

You might say, it was one of those situations where the stars aligned.

My lovely friend Peter Sleigh needed some people to coach having finished his Supercoach Training with Michael Neill.

He put a post on Facebook and I responded.

I remember the first session vividly.

I am pretty sure he had to go out to get more tissues.

There were so many tears.

There was so much snot (why does our body work that way? 😂)

They were tears mostly of frustration and probably stress!

You see, on the outside things looked fine.

  • I had a successful hypnotherapy business.
  • I was outwardly happy.
  • I had all the ways to help myself and others at my finger tips.

But something was wrong.

It was hanging on to my wellbeing by my finger nail ends.

I never stopped seeking and it was creating more stress than I realised.

I had tried everything in an attempt to fix myself.

Books, podcasts, self-development, therapy, inner child work, tapping and an ever changing daily ritual (miracle morning style).

It was kind of working but I thought that if I stopped the whole thing would come crashing down.

And on top of that, it was all taking so much time … more than 10 hours per week.

Not sure about you but I do not have a spare 10 hours per week.

Like I have mentioned before, it was like being in a slimming club.

The things seemed to work whilst I was doing them but they did not provide anything sustainable.

Then my work with Peter began and everything changed.

He encouraged me to look in a different direction. To understand …

  • My thought created reality.
  • My innate wellbeing.
  • The importance of awareness.
  • That my experience was 100% created inside out.

I knew what he was saying was true … something true not just for me but for all human beings.

I took a deep dive into the inside-out understanding and my life changed. Not so much the external world (although that is coming along very nicely, thank you) but my internal world.

Here’s how things have changed …

  • I am calm most of the time (calmer than when I mediated every day.)
  • I am more content and full of joy.
  • My confidence has sky rocketed.
  • I bounce back quickly.
  • Presence is my state most of the time.
  • I have dropped guilty feelings.
  • My relationships are the best they have ever been.

And all this whilst spending ZERO time using tools, techniques or trawling through the past to ‘work on’ my mental wellbeing.

I can honestly say that I have learnt to stop stressing the easy way!

I listen to a podcast each day, have some coaching every so often and read bits and bobs.

That first meeting with Peter also set me on a path to help others make the transformation I have experienced.

I retrained, stopped being a hypnotherapist and here I am.

So if you have come across this writing, maybe the stars are aligning for you too.

You have to listen to them though.

You don’t have to go all round the houses like I did … I promise there is an easier way to calm.

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How to Stop Stressing the Easy Way

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast