I searched how to stop stressing on the internet recently.

I bet you cannot guess how many results I got! 🤔


I am not sure I even know how to say that number.

Can you imagine trying to plough through that little lot trying to find the thing which will work for you?

Sounds pretty stressful to me 😂

When I burnt out, I was all in with trying lots of different stress management techniques.

Probably some of the ones on that search.

After I burnt out it continued.

The seemingly never ending search.

The amount I was doing to manage stress got larger and larger just like this GIF. 😂

a gif of a man with a small fidget spinner and then a large fan trying to manage stress

But now I can honestly say that I do not ever feel stressed and I do not do any stress management.

Can you imagine that?

A life where you can stop stressing without stress management.

Imagine how much time you would get back.

Imagine how much less you would have to think about.

Imagine how free you would be.

The thing is, the only reason any of us need stress management, is not because the world is stressful but because we don’t really understand what is going on when we are feeling stressed.

We have been led on a merry dance of misunderstanding about how our human experience (including stress) is created and this has left us confused and seeking our wellbeing outside of us.

This is how it really works …

We experience stress, created via thought.

Then we have a perception of the source of that stress created via thought.

Then we look for the solution to stress outside us – yet more thinking.

So we end up with a very busy, noisy thinking system which covers over all the calm we could possible need which is already inside us.

Once we understand deeply that stress (and all other feelings) come from an internal system working within us, navigating life just gets a whole lot easier.

Again I invite you to consider a life without stress or stress management.

Imagine that!

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How to Stop Stressing Without Stress Management

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast