You have been told a lie about STRESS – we all have!


It’s a very convincing lie but a lie all the same.

Not a deliberate lie, just an ongoing misunderstanding.

When you read up about stress there are 4 causes sited; physical, psychosocial, psycho-spiritual and psychological.

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Only the 4th one is true.

All stress is psychological stress!

In other words, all stress is created via thought.

It is not the physical, psychosocial or psycho-spiritual factors but our thinking about them which creates stress.


I guess you might be feeling some resistance to this especially if you feel like all your plates are spinning and all your balls are up in the air. As well as your partner being a pain in the b*m and your kids refusing to do as they are told.

But my invitation is to read this with an open mind. (& watch the video)

It’s an invitation to open up to curiosity and be like an explorer ready to see something new.

Here are some places you might have seen the inside out nature of stress.

1. You feel stressed about work when you are not even there.
2. Other people don’t feel stressed about the same things as you.
3. How stressed you feel about something fluctuates with your mood.
4. You feel less stressed about work on Friday afternoon but the job is the same.

You can pop, “because of thought” on the end of each of those sentences and read them again.

Our moment by moment experience of everything is being created by us and as Sydney Banks says, “All feelings derive and become alive, whether negative or positive, from the power of Thought”

This piece is not about blaming ourselves when we feel stressed but it is about kicking the current paradigm in the b*t!

We have been blaming the outside world for a long time. Let’s take a moment to consider the results.

More stress.
More absence from work.
More illness and even death.

Psychological Stress is a co-factor in 95% or all disease processes so imagine the health of a world where people really understood stress and therefore experience it less.

At first it can be challenging to see that all stress is psychological stress but the impact is truly transformational.

I can honestly say that I no longer experience stress and that’s pretty amazing considering that I burnout in 2015 after a prolonged period of stress.

If you have tried a lot of things to ‘manage stress’ and you are ready for something new, please book a call.

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Psychological Stress

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast