When I received my renewal fee for my web hosting from Site Ground this week it took my breath away (but not in a good way). 😢

So I thought, who do I know who might be able to help me with this?

One name popped into my head and goodness am I glad it did.

Sam Hollis and his team have provided a seamless experience from start to finish. He:

– quoted quickly and easily.
– made it easy for me to sign up.
– made it easy to see the value he would offer.

He’s made the whole process easy from start to finish.

I realise I’ve over used the word easy there but isn’t that what we want from service from a business.

We just want it to be easy (Thank you for that Sam!)

We all have enough on our plates (which we are spinning whilst we are jugging balls) so dealing with a business who make it easy is fab!

But remembering that Sam was the man for this job, came from a place of calm.

Here’s how it went.

When I first saw the quote, my heart sank.

A bit of a panicky feeling came in.

But I knew what that meant – very unhelpful, panicky thinking.

So I left it alone and waited for the icky feeling and thoughts to pass (which didn’t take long).

Then Sam popped into my head.

I suspect that if I had tried to ‘solve’ things from that panicky place, the lovely Sam would not have appeared in my head at all.

It was from that calm space, the idea to contact Sam emerged.

You see, it’s not really about staying calm under pressure but more about realising you are creating pressure in your thinking and waiting for the calm to re-emerge.

There are all sorts of things that we need to deal with in life right now.

There is no denying that ‘life is a contact sport’ (Sydney Banks).

When we remain calm, take a breath and pause before taking our next step, or making our next decision, it’s amazing what comes through.

There’s a space inside you.

Michael Neill calls it the space within in his fab book, ‘The Space Within’.

It’s the space where all the answers reside.

Where all the answers can come through.

Sometimes those answers just need that little space.

So if you got a decision to make notice if your head feels busy.

Notice if there seems to be a sense of urgency to that decision.

Perhaps just stop.

Take a long breath.
Give yourself a moment.
Maybe even pop out for a walk.

Whatever it takes for you to find yourself in that settled calm space.

Because trust me when you’re there, every single answer you ever need will be there too.

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