The speed of your thinking can seem like a thing to manage.

Often my clients talk about trying to slow down their thinking.

I think once we have become aware of the difference in how we feel between thinking slow and thinking fast that can seem like a thing to do.

Perhaps you have noticed that you work better when your thinking slows down.

Perhaps that seems like the next thing to seek.

Perhaps you have tried one or two tools on the way..

When a client reached out to me and mentioned that she had been trying to slow down her racing thoughts, I had a little insight.

What I sent to my client is written below.

Please read it slowly 😂

“I think when we try to stop racing thoughts, the thoughts trying to stop the racing thoughts are racing too (because our thinking cannot be at two different paces) so then we just have more racing thoughts.”

Now read it again (and again)!

Your thinking cannot be at two paces.

You are using your thinking to slow down your thinking.

That’s why it is so difficult to slow down your thinking.

But something magical happens once we are in the place of awareness without judgement.

Judgement says, ‘There is a difference between thinking slow and thinking fast and one is better than the other.’

Judgement says, ‘I must change this now. How do I do that?’.

Judgement says, ‘There is something wrong with me because I cannot slow down my thinking’.

And as a result there is more thinking not less!

Faster thinking not slower.

But when you come from a place of awareness without that layer of judgement.

Awareness says, ‘I am thinking fast’.

Awareness says, ‘That’s interesting’.

Awareness says, ‘There’s nothing to do’.

And once you are in the place of awareness, you are connected to calm and your natural system will just naturally reset.

A little patience maybe but nothing else.

There really is nothing to do.

There really is nothing to manage.

It really is okay.

Once you understand that thought and awareness are creating everything, it makes less and less sense to get involved in any kind of thought management.

It’s the same thinking doing the managing as is being managed.

It’s like doing your own brain surgery (which even if you are a brain surgeon, is not advisable 😂)

If this place of awareness seems like a long way off, maybe reach out and book a time for us to talk.

Calm, clarity and contentment are closer than you think and do not need any tools, techniques or trawling through your past to be accessed.

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Thinking Slow and Thinking Fast

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast