t’s Halloween and I don’t give a fig (or a pumpkin 🎃 for that matter)!

I never have.

I have never dressed up.
I didn’t take my children trick or treating.
I will not be answering the door tonight.

I have all sorts of thinking about the impact on the environment of all the plastic tat created just for one day.

But I love it if you are celebrating the heck out of Halloween 🦇 🎉

I love that you are taking your kids out trick or treating.
I love seeing your costumes on social media.
I love it all!

This makes a pleasant change from endless hours of ranting around this time of year to be honest.

It used to feel c**p!

Halloween is yet another one of the areas of life where I have experienced the impact of understanding that we all have separate realities.

Each and every one of us has our own unique thinking and perspective on the world.

We are all creating our own reality (like a projector not a camera).

The thing that happens when you start to live life from this place is that you just feel calm more of the time.

This is because the awful feeling you have when someone does something you don’t like is coming from your thinking, not what they are doing.

That’s 100% of the time by the way.

I know people do some pretty awful things and society provides suitable punishment for that but how we feel about all the things other people do is created internally not externally.

This is one of the understandings which takes you closer to calm in my course, CONNECT TO CALM.

I am amazed every day by the behaviours which no longer bother my clients once they see this.

They find themselves in a place of calm despite other people still doing the things they used to find impossible to live with.

It doesn’t mean they put up with things which are not nice, but when we tackle issues from a place of calm, we are much more effective at getting what we want.

Understanding separate realities has an impact on all your interactions and outcomes with other people and yourself.

So folks, have a wonderful Halloween 🎃

I will be sat at home watching TV with the curtains closed but at least I won’t be ranting!! 😂

❓️Can you see that we all have separate realities❓️

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Understanding Separate Realities Creates Calm

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast