Do you ever wonder what to do when you feel angry?

I used to think about this a lot. You see LinkedIn peeps, I was angry quite a bit of the time.

I tried lots of tools and techniques.
I tried poking around in the past to find the answer.
I tried meditating and counting to 10.

But I didn’t really find what to do when you feel angry.

But now I am the Queen of Calm so I never get angry 😂 😂 😂. NOT!!

A few weeks ago I lost my ‘you know what’ with my fiancé, Bruce?

I was doing my live as I do every morning at 7.45am.

I’ve taken to working in the bedroom just because it’s a little bit warmer than my office.

Bruce had gone into the shower.

Just before the end of the live, there was a knock at the bedroom door and a little voice saying, have you finished?

If you saw my live that morning you might well have seen the look on my face.

It contorted as I tried to remain calm whilst exploding inside.

As I opened the door to him, I lost my ‘you know what’.

I got really upset and I ranted.

The thing is, I couldn’t understand how he could get that wrong. I have been doing the live at that time since August 2020!

I was steaming mad and I let him have it both barrels.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter.

I am okay with my humanness.

I am not condoning my behaviour. I just mean that there are two choices when we lose our temper.

1. Beat ourselves and therefore feel guilty and often forget to say sorry.
2. Realise our humanness, fall into presence and make amends.

That’s what happened in this instance.

As I started to realise that I was caught up in angry thinking and that my body was screaming at me to let me know that, I just started to calm down.

I saw that the anger was coming from me and not from his actions so it simply fell away.

After a very short time I was calm and able to say sorry.

The whole thing probably only lasted a minute.

That’s what happens when we see it in the moment but we don’t always do that.

I don’t always see it in the moment and you’re not going to either.

If you decide to come on a journey to calm with me, there’ll be many times when you don’t see it.

But the times you do see it will increase over time.

And the amount of time you spend in those awful feelings like anger, anxiety and stress will get less and less.

And when you don’t see it, you’ll be a whole lot kinder to yourself.

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What to do When You Feel Angry

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast