Destressing tips don’t work! Well maybe temporarily but they don’t get rid of stress.

Like a slimming club, you have to keep at it to feel okay (= more business)

This idea that destressing tips don’t work might seem like a bold statement but hear me out.

The reason they don’t work is easy to understand once you have the psychological understanding of stress.

Let me break it down …

First of all let’s start deep … why not?!

There’s a truth about how we work.

At your essence you are calm (and confident, resilient, wise etc)

This is your core; fixed, strong and always there like the sun.

These days, my coaching sessions are often spent pointing this essence out to my clients; helping them to see how amazing they truly are.

Layered over the top of the essence of who you are is your old, conditioned, habitual thinking.

This creates a very persuasive illusion of lack.

It makes it seem like all the above qualities are lost.

The old, conditioned, habitual part is easy to see if you get curious; you have probably noticed that you have similar trains of thought which seem to create stress in your life (in other words similar types of people and circumstances seem to stress you out).

That thinking is like a layer of dark clouds covering your sun-like essence.

Here are some truths about that thinking … like those black clouds.

It is transient and will pass.

It is random and patchy.

The sun is always there above them.

So I hope you can get a mental picture of this now.

The things is, when you are feeling stressed, you have a lot of thinking covering that calm essence.

Those destressing tips add more thinking to the mix.

Thus they take you even further away from calm.

Plus, in the moment when you feel stressed, you often cannot remember them which can create guilt and make you feel bad about yourself.

But don’t worry, I am not going to leave you hanging with nothing.

Once you understand this model (and it takes a bit of practise and curiosity) something magical happens.

When you feel stressed, you are aware of stressful thinking.

You opt out of that train of thought.

You naturally fall into calm.

This is not a quick fix but getting stressed out to the point of burnout is a much longer thing to fix.

Now you know why destressing tips don’t work, maybe you are ready to explore something better. 

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Why Destressing Tips Don't Work

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast