“Can you help me or am I a lost cause?” is a question I get asked all the time.

It usually happens towards the end of the free hour of coaching I offer.

I totally understand where it comes from.

The people who book those hours have often tried a lot of things already.

Daily rituals

A very small part of a very long list.

The things is that the more things you try which do not work, the more broken you tend to feel.

That’s why what I do is so different.

My job is to help you see that underneath all the thoughts, feelings and behaviour you don’t like, you are absolutely fine.

And when you start to change your understanding of those thoughts, feelings and behaviours, they start to melt away with ease.

I see my job in a really simple way.

My job as your coach is to help you see how amazing you actually are.

To help you connect to your innate calm, clarity and contentment.

To help you realise that you are not your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

All that has happened is that you have gotten into the habit of believing a persona which just isn’t true.

It’s familiar because it has been in your head a long time, but it isn’t who you really are.

So when someone asks, “Can you help me or am I a lost cause?” my answer is always an emphatic, “YES”.

And now I have made that a whole lot simpler and easier

Connect to Calm lasts 10 weeks and is accessible to everyone in one of the ways below.

1. A self-directed course – £57
2. A mostly self-directed course with 2 hours of coaching – £237
3. A guided course with weekly coaching – £997

I truly believe that everyone has the potential to experience calm, clarity and contentment more of the time and generally have a nicer experience of life.

❓️What’s in the way of you seeing your potential❓️

If you are a busy, midlife founder, CEO or leader who is ready to go from feeling ... Stressed, Overwhelm & Stuck TO Calm, Clarity and Contentment then please accept my gift of 5 Simple Truths to Take You Closer Calm by clicking here.

You can watch me talk more about this topic on the video or catch up via my podcast below.

You Are Amazing

by Clare Downham - Queen of Calm | The Calmcast